The Last Rescue


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The Last Rescue: Director Eric Colley has made a very captivating war drama, that efficiently works on different layers. It shows the brutal and inhuman side that war brings forth in human character and at the same time, we witness bright examples of altruism and the expression of delicate sentiments of love among humans. When Nancy Bell (Elizabeth Rice) inquires from Captain Beckett whether he feels remorse on killing so many people, he replies in the negative, and tells her a simple truth that if he doesn’t kill the enemies, they will shoot him. This mistrust between two nations makes people do horrible things with fellow humans. This epitomizes all the psychological forces working behind those mass murders that otherwise normal people commit during wars.

The movie script is well written, smoothly going through different phases. After a reasonable time, when plot seems to be heading towards a dead end, a new twist suddenly enters the drama that keeps viewers glued to the screen. All these twists have logical explanations that don’t awake the skeptical side of the human mind. Flawless performances by all of the characters adds attraction to the already coherent and emotional plot. At no moment will you feel any irritation or boredom. Despite some flaws, it is a good movie to watch and you will thoroughly enjoy it.


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